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The Haven is back. Or, well, it never really left... so... the Haven is still here!

Welcome new members, and returning members. Site is slightly under construction, and shall have a fancy new layout sometime this month. Our lovely banner has been provided by Silvuh! Please be sure to introduce yourself in the Welcome forums, and don't be shy to post to your heart's content!

    Attention Memberssss!

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    Attention Memberssss! Empty Attention Memberssss!

    Post by Chuu! Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:42 pm

    Hello everyone, Chuu here!
    Missing everyone a lot!
    I will be posting and be much more active! Yay!
    I've got a new phone with interwebs, so its much easier for me to get on here.

    I am well aware of the deadness, and I apologize profusely. However! We have two new site design team members here, Sylph and Pikachu. :3

    More new members will come, I shall be advertising this around and you should too. And hopefully our older yet awesome regulars will flow back here too!!

    I've had a few ideas for changes to the site, I was hoping to do 'events' and things like that, so I'll require some staff members who are willing and able to help out and communicate with me almost constantly(at least every few days).

    Staff required are Mods, Writers, Planners, Techies.
    Modd will moderate and keep boards cleaned up, issue warnings if need be, and post monthly reports in our Mods forum. Moda must be able to get on often, a few times a week at least. To apply, PM(not post here with application!) And let me know why you should be mod, how you as a mod can help, and how often you will be able to get online here.

    Writers are for events and things like that. I only require perhaps two or three. You do not nees to be on as often as mods, bur i must be able to contact you, and you must be able to work together. To apply, PM(do not post application here!) Me with your qualifications. Send me an example of your best writing work, and a little about yourself.

    Planners are not quite needed right now, so when i require event planners, i shall post how to apply.

    Techies are basically, programmers and layout design. Do not require these right now, i have two. But if i need more, i will let you know.

    Thank you so much for taking the tine to read this if you have, i look forward to increasing my staff and having this place a real haven once more!

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